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This list is not complete. We strive to provide a personalized solution based on what your business needs.

Reliable native-only platform

Dedicated to creating cutting-edge iOS apps with smooth user experience.

App Store Optimization

Increasing app visibility to potential users by ranking higher in App Store search results. App Rating Management.

Marketing and Advertising

Google SEO, Social Media Marketing, App Review Sites, Paid Advertising and Influencer Marketing are some of the services available.

Analytics and Reports

Any time you can get human readable and understandable reports for your published app.

App Monetization

We help with constructing app pricing strategies and revenue optimization.

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support for the app, including bug fixes, feature enhancements, and security updates.

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Bratislav Baljak

Bratislav Baljak

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Ivona Varga

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Filip Nesic

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Aleksandar Lazić

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